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New Student Registration

Online Registration

Our online registration allows for parents to register from any mobile device or desktop computer. Required documents will be uploaded by taking a photo from your mobile device or uploading the documents from your desktop.

Please follow one of the three links below using the option that best  fits your situation.

Registration Options

currently enrolled

Currently Enrolled, if yes:

ever been enrolled

Ever Been Enrolled, if yes:

new to Clay county schools

New To Clay County Schools, if yes?

Required Residency Documents for Registration:

If you are not the homeowner or lessee, you must provide items 1 and 2 above for the person you are residing with, an additional bill in your name showing your current address and the Homeowner's Acknowledgement form, found by clicking the link here.

Required Health and Immunization Documents:

Required Health and Immunization Documents for Registration (Florida law requires that prior to entry, attendance or transfer, all children comply with the state adopted immunization schedule (Florida Statute 1003.22):